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How The ‘Revolution’ Is Eating Its Own

At a forum at the College of William & Mary on Sept. 27, the ACLU got a sample of what conservatives have been experiencing on campuses for years.

As Claire Gastanaga, executive director of the ACLU of Virginia, began speaking to a small audience, a group of demonstrators marched in with a large banner that said, “Blood on Your Hands.” They lined up in front of the stage, holding placards.

Apparently clueless about what was about to transpire, Ms. Gastaaga said, “Good. I like this. Good.”

She went on to say that she was going to inform the students …

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In Socialism We Trust

“In God We Trust” is the national motto, even though Barack Obama told a Jakarta, Indonesia audience last November that our national motto is E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one).

At least Obama got the translation right. Al Gore once said that it meant “out of one, many.” Perhaps he was employing the same math formulas that work so well in his global warming calculations.

The real motto is, indeed, “In God We Trust,” and Congress re-emphasized this on Oct. 25, passing a resolution saying so in a 396 to 9 vote. Sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA), the …

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