Problems, Blessings, and the Goodness of Marriage
By Jonathan Lewis   |   06.08.20
Nine years ago, my wife and I were married. Nine years. It’s a long time. Except that it’s also not so very long. Long or short, nine years is definitely enough time to experience some of life’s ups and downs...
Need Help With Homeschooling? The 2020 ICHE Conference is Virtual and Free!
By Jonathan Lewis   |   05.19.20
One of the unfortunate side effects of the coronavirus pandemic has been the cancellation of numerous conferences and other events. With the benefits of technology, many of those events have been able to take place online. The full experience may not be the same, but at least we don’t have to miss out completely!
Are You a Reluctant Homeschooler?
By Jonathan Lewis   |   05.13.20
If you were forced into homeschooling by the coronavirus lockdown, you’ve had a steep learning curve. But don’t be too quick to decide you’ll never homeschool voluntarily based on your experience of the past weeks.
Improving the Time
By Jonathan Lewis   |   05.02.20
My wife and I have noticed something interesting recently, and it’s one of the more visible—and positive—side effects of the coronavirus lockdown we’ve observed. There’s a nature park just outside our town that I’ve been visiting for virtually my entire...
Watching for God’s Working
By Jonathan Lewis   |   04.14.20
In his letter to the Philippian church, the Apostle Paul shared how God was using the difficult circumstances of his life to bring about tremendous good: But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me...
Serving Others in a Time of Crisis
By Jonathan Lewis   |   04.08.20
The events of recent days have thrown all of us into unchartered territory. With schools, restaurants, libraries, events, and even churches suspending normal operations, our lives have been disrupted in ways large and small. The impact is real, and depending...
Stories: How Cultures Are Changed
By Jonathan Lewis   |   03.24.20
Now and then I venture onto left-leaning websites and read some of their articles. On a visit to earlier this year, I saw an article that caught my attention. The headline was “I Used To Be An Anti-LGBTQ Evangelical....
Why Worldview Training Is Vital
By Jonathan Lewis   |   01.27.20
Do we need to engage in “worldview training” with our children and grandchildren? What difference does it make? Isn’t all of that “worldview” stuff just for philosophers who use big words that my kids and I can’t understand anyway? Isn’t it enough to just follow Jesus and leave worldview to others?
The Small Stuff Matters
By Jonathan Lewis   |   12.26.19
It seems that, for many years, there have been two different ways to define precisely how long a foot is. There’s the international foot, and the U.S. survey foot. The difference is infinitesimally small: it only makes an eighth of an inch difference over the distance of a mile.
So Much More Than Glitter and Gifts
By Jonathan Lewis   |   12.18.19
My wife and I recently took our four children to see the Festival of Lights in East Peoria. If you’ve never been, it’s said to be one of the Midwest’s “largest lighted holiday events.” Some individual displays (such as the steam train) are comprised of tens of thousands of lights, with the total number of lights running into the millions.
Missing the Mark on Perfect Love
By Jonathan Lewis   |   12.07.19
In 1 Corinthians 13—the famous Love Chapter—the Apostle Paul tells us many things about what love is, what it does, and what it doesn’t do. Most of us love our families deeply. We would do virtually anything for our spouse...
Marriage Shouldn’t Be Controversial—But It Is
By Jonathan Lewis   |   11.02.19
Last month, Erica Komisar, author of the book Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters, wrote an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal under the headline “Political Correctness is Bad for Kids.” In her first...
A Work in Progress
By Jonathan Lewis   |   10.19.19
My wife and I have four young children. As any parent knows, raising kids is hard work. It’s rewarding when we see progress in an area we’re working on—a character quality we’re trying to build, a habit we’re trying to...
The Neutrality Myths – Part 2
By Jonathan Lewis   |   09.25.19
Christian parents have believed some serious myths when it comes to the education of their children...
The Neutrality Myths – Part 1
By Jonathan Lewis   |   09.19.19
It’s no secret that vast numbers of America’s evangelical teenagers are anemic in their faith. There are undoubtedly many factors involved, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is education. Too often as Christians in America we overlook the significance of...
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis is husband to Linnea, and Daddy to Patrick, Timothy, Katherine, and Benjamin. He is a writer, speaker, and self-employed graphic designer. You can reach him at

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