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Pro-Choicers Choose Live Dismemberment

In yet another ethically repugnant judicial decision, Texas district court judge Lee Yeakel struck down a Texas abortion law (SB 8) that prohibits 2nd trimester “dismemberment abortions” in which live humans are dismembered prior to death and then sucked out of their mothers’ wombs in pieces.

The law, passed by both the senate and house and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, would have permitted dismemberment of humans in utero as long as they were killed first by “injecting a chemical called digoxin into the woman’s abdomen; injecting potassium chloride directly into the heart; or inserting instruments …

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Veterans Affairs Attempts to Censor Memorial Day Prayer in Texas

A federal judge in Texas has ruled that a Christian pastor can pray in the name of Jesus at a Memorial Day ceremony. As a result of the judge’s decision, Pastor Scott Rainey did just that Monday at a Memorial Day Service at the National Cemetery in Houston.

Reverend Rainey, the pastor of Living Word Church of the Nazarene, has offered an invocation the last two years at the Memorial Day observance in Houston. But this year cemetery director Arleen Occasio asked to review his prayer prior to the ceremony.

Occasio then informed Pastor Rainey that he would not be …

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