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Tucker, Steyn and Leftist Language Fascists

Several days ago, I took Tucker Carlson—a self-identifying Christian—to my teeny tiny virtual woodshed for congratulating homosexual Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein on his God-mocking, soul-destroying pseudo-marriage. Well, now I’m offering Carlson a hearty virtual pat on the back for Thursday night’s segment with Mark Steyn to whom I offer a bone-rattling pat on the back. Here’s an excerpt from their discussion of the loathsome Leftist tactic to oppress dissenters through control of language:

Steyn: “We have this immense cleansing of language. And [Leftists] are playing for big game here. I noticed about a decade ago, the government of

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We Lose the Country if Enough People Don’t Get in the Fight

It’s summer reading list time and if you’re like me, you’re careful in selecting titles because too often the time invested seems wasted — especially when afterwards you can’t remember anything you read. One unforgettable book that’s easy for me to recommend is Mark Steyn’s After America. Somehow, he managed to top its predecessor, which we reviewed last time.

Steyn quotes the late historian Samuel Huntington: “A nation is a fragile thing.” More Americans are waking up to that fact every day. They are also waking up to what Steyn writes here:

[W]e’re not facing ‘decline.’ We’re

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