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Our Cultural Challenge

In 2002, the British Broadcasting Corporation polled its viewers for the names of those they believed were the greatest Britons of all time. The BBC compiled the feedback and came up with a list of the top 100 greatest men and women in all British history. One of the names on that list, at number 73, was Aleister Crowley.
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Social Justice Warriors and Their Anti-Life Work

Do you want to know what motivates and animates our “Social Justice Warriors”? Well, I know you know it’s not really justice—one of the buzzwords often blathered by our warriors—because justice depends on absolute standards by which to determine the parameters and constitutive features of justice. While claiming to promote justice, these battlers steadfastly stand against virtue and truth. In other words, they Oppose Righteousness Continuously. They’re ORCs. (Any resemblance to fictional goblins is purely coincidental).

One ORC, cross-dressing lesbian activist Timna Axel, donates her time and apartment to help women from other states have the tiny innocent humans …

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