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Illinois House Passes Another Bullying Bill

How did they vote?

This afternoon, the Illinois House voted 64 to 43 to pass HB 5707, a completely unnecessary proposal by State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), constituting nothing more than a reiteration of the Bullying Prevention Task Force recommendations that are available to all schools on the ISBE website.  Moreover, the fact that the bill’s sponsors and the ACLU have refused to ensure the rights of students and school employees to opt-out of “programming” and “training” that promote ideas that conflict with their personal and/or religious beliefs reveals the real goal, which is to use public education to …

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Higgins Responds to Critical Letter-to-the-Editor

The Wemstroms expressed their regret that a recent proposed bullying bill (HB 5290) failed to pass in the Illinois Senate [“Bullying bill should have been passed,” Freeport Journal-Standard June 26] and laid the blame for this failure on the Illinois Family Institute (IFI). Despite assertions to the contrary, IFI, like the Wemstroms, deeply desires an end to bullying. We simply disagree with the Wemstroms on the best means to achieve that end.

Anyone who has been playing close attention to the bullying issue knows that homosexual activists believe that the only way to end bullying of students who …

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