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Take Action on these Gambling Bills!
By Anita Bedell   |   05.09.13
Take Action:  The following bills passed in the Illinois House and will be voted on in the Illinois Senate.  Please call your State Senator (Click here to view a list of State Senators) or call (217) 782-2000 and ask him/her
Video Gambling/Lottery Expansion Bills to be Heard in Committees
By Anita Bedell   |   03.06.13
House Executive Committee bills - HB 1536 and HB 2311 both expand video gambling by legalizing the machines at Social Clubs. This would allow thousands of additional establishments to have 5 video gambling machines each. One of the arguments gambling interests gave for legalizing video gambling was...
Veto Session:  Gambling Expansion in the Mix
By Anita Bedell   |   11.26.12
The Veto Session is November 27-29, December 4-6, and possibly January 2-9, 2013.  Governor Patrick Quinn (D-Chicago) told the Associated Press he believes a compromise on gambling is in the offing.  State Representative Lou Lang (D-Skokie), sponsor of the massive...
Update: Gambling Expansion and the Veto Session
By Anita Bedell   |   11.20.12
Gambling interests and Legislative sponsors have been pressuring the governor to “flip flop” and cut a “backroom deal” on gambling during the upcoming legislative Veto Session. Rep. Lou Lang, House sponsor of the massive gambling expansion bill SB 1849, is...
“Medical” Marijuana Legislation in Springfield
By Anita Bedell   |   10.22.12
Marijuana is one of the most hotly debated drugs of our time.  According t an important report by Kevin Sabet, PhD, Policy Consultant and Assistant Professor, University of Florida, we can say with some certainty that marijuana use is significantly...
Gambling is No Revenue Generator
By Anita Bedell   |   05.28.12
Gambling revenue promises are rarely met. Gambling interests are pushing for a vote on a massive expansion bill during the final days of the legislative session. SB 1849 legalizes 11 more casinos, including a city-owned casino in Chicago and six...
Another Push for Gambling?
By Anita Bedell   |   04.26.12
The Illinois General Assembly is nearing the end of the Spring session, and politicians and gambling interests are turning up the heat to pass a massive gambling expansion bill that includes a city-owned casino for Chicago, land-based casinos in Danville,...
Internet Lottery and Editorial for Repeal of Video Gambling Act
By Anita Bedell   |   03.29.12
Lottery officials need to make sure they’re not selling to minors and that the people buying tickets actually live in Illinois. But the information lottery officials are asking for is a bit personal, and it’s not sitting well with some...
Interview With Chairman of IL Gaming Board and Impact of More Gambling
By Anita Bedell   |   07.22.11
Aaron Jaffe, chairman of the Illinois Gaming Board, appeared on WTTW Chicago Tonight this week. Please watch this informative video: July 20, 2011 – Illinois Gaming Chair | Chicago Tonight | PBS Video Steve Chapman’s recent column seems to dismiss...
Gambling Action Alert: Legislators working on Gambling Expansion
By Anita Bedell   |   05.18.11
Rep. Lou Lang is drafting an amendment to a (shell) bill passed in the Senate, according to the Chicago Tribune. If the bill passes in the House, the bill would go back to the Senate for a vote, but no...
Gambling Action Alert
By Anita Bedell   |   12.02.10
SB 737 was amended in committee and passed in the Senate during the Veto Session. Sen. Terry Link, the sponsor of SB 737, told the Republicans who complained about inaction on the budget and employment that this bill would deal...
Gambling Action Alert
By Anita Bedell   |   11.22.10
We don’t want Illinois to be the #1 predatory gambling state in the nation. Click here to view a photo of the full-page ad that was placed in The State Journal Register newspaper last week and read about the first...
Massive Expansion of Gambling during the Veto Session?
By Anita Bedell   |   11.08.10
Gambling interests and lawmakers are working behind closed doors on a massive expansion of gambling that will triple the amount of casino gambling in Illinois:
  • Land-based casino in Chicago, with more than twice as many gambling positions (4,000)
  • 3 additional


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Anita Bedell
Anita Bedell

Anita Bedell is the executive director of the Springfield based Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems, which is also known as ILCAAAP.  The Mission of ILCAAAP is to open doors to freedom from addictive behavior for individuals and families in Illinois through public information, education, and legislation.  Bedell has worked for ILCAAAP since 1990 and became executive director in 1994.

Anita is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S. in Business Education.  Bedell did her graduate work in Human Development Counseling at Sangamon State University — now the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS).  Bedell also taught Junior High and High School.

Bedell has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the American Council on Alcohol Problems and served on the board of the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion for three years.  Bedell has also served on the Governor’s Alcohol Abuse Task Force and has testified before many Legislative Committees about alcohol and gambling issues.  Bedell leads the statewide coalition to oppose the expansion of gambling in Illinois and the Sangamon County Coalition on Underage Drinking.

Anita Bedell and her husband of 42 years have two married sons and six grandchildren.




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