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Prayer Request
By   |   03.26.12
In our culture today, the word “sin” is taboo.  Yet, in spite of its forbidden status, it is real, it is ever present, and it grows.  When we accept a “little” sin into our lives, it never stays in infancy. ...
Is This Considered Treason?
By   |   01.13.12
To whom do we pledge our allegiance? Anything American and anything Christ-centered seems to be “unconstitutional” these days. The litmus test that appears to be in use in determining if something is constitutional or not, is “if someone may become...
President Obama’s Middle East, North Africa, US Policy, Part 1
By   |   05.29.11
What does his eloquent prose really mean to us? To the man who captured the hearts of over 53%i of Americans, a man of both precedence and outward candor, and a man who overwhelmingly won the most esteemed office...
The Objectivity of Truth, Part I
By   |   05.16.10
Most, if not all of us, would readily agree that there are objective truths in the world. For instance, almost everyone would agree that Newton’s Law of Gravity is an objective truth in that its truthfulness is not dependent upon...
The Objectivity of Truth, Part II
By   |   05.16.10
This is part II of a two-part paper on The Objectivity of Truth (see Part I). You may be asking yourself, “What is the point of this discussion?” “Why are ‘moral objective truths’ important?” “Why can’t we all just get...
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