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Casual Marijuana Use Linked With Brain Abnormalities
For the first time, researchers at Northwestern University have analyzed the relationship between casual use of marijuana and brain changes – and found that young adults who used cannabis just once or twice a week showed significant abnormalities in two important brain structures.
Big Bucks Behind Marijuana Legalization
An anti-drug advocate laments that billionaire George Soros continues to fund deadly and destructive marijuana legalization efforts across the country. A new report shows that billionaire George Soros has funneled at least $80 million towards marijuana legalization since 1994.
Pothead Gets 25 Years for Trying to Kill Obama
By Cliff Kincaid   |   04.04.14
Marijuana, with its supposed medical benefits, has surfaced in yet another case of mental illness and violence. But this time,...
Going Up In Smoke
By Micah Clark   |   04.02.14
A new report from the RAND Corporation commissioned by the White House Office of Drug Control Policy has some disturbing...
Media Continue Cover-up of Marijuana-induced Mental Illness
By Cliff Kincaid   |   03.28.14
When The Baltimore Sun ran an editorial about the Maryland mall shooter, who killed two people and then himself, the newspaper said...
American Building Blocks
Remember when, as a kid, you’d build a wall with building blocks and then you or someone else would come along and knock it down? The one who knocked it down was usually laughing while the one who built it wasn’t very happy at all. Ah, those were the days.
Businesses Team Up With Police To Clean Up Roseland
By Monte Larrick   |   03.07.14
Business leaders on Chicago's South side are teaming with police, social agencies and churches to help curb crime and provide alternatives to women trapped in prostitution
Are All Young People Deceived about Sexuality and Marriage?
By Laurie Higgins   |   03.04.14
There is encouraging news to be found in the midst of what is most assuredly a culture darkening and coarsening...
Texas Federal Judge Rules in “Defiance” of Texas People on Marriage
Today, Federal Judge Orlando Garcia, a President Clinton appointee, struck down the Texas constitutional marriage amendment which had been approved...
New Trader Joe’s Run Off Amid Fears of Prosperity
By Rhonda Robinson   |   02.22.14
Once upon a time, we raised our children in the quintessential Midwestern town of Atwood Illinois. Just as you would...
Lousy “Parentage” Bill
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.19.14
Economist Jennifer Roback-Morse has repeatedly warned that intentionally severing the tie between biological parents and their offspring will result in...
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Dude: Science Contradicts Obama’s Pot Claims
President Barack Obama’s assessment in his in-depth New Yorker interview that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol is contradicted by scientific research. An extensive four-decade study published in 2012 by the National Academy of Sciences showed marijuana can lower the IQ of young teenagers and may cause permanent mental impairment.
Is Traditional Marriage a Myth?
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.10.14
Chicago Tribune columnist does it again. Tribune columnist Steve Chapman argues that the notion of “traditional marriage” is a myth. What’s almost comical about his...
Girl Scout Cookie Sales Undergird Pro-Abortion Agenda
By Charlie Butts   |   01.31.14
The Girl Scouts is set to launch its annual cookie sale, but a prominent pro-family/pro-life organization is suggesting the public...
Is Choosing Surrogacy Okay?
By Julie Roys   |   01.30.14
She’s 58 and post-menopausal. But, next month, Utah resident Julia Navarro plans to give birth to her own granddaughter! Navarro...
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