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Rob Bell’s Recipe For Spiritual Disaster

By:  Michael Brown

In the midst of his announcement on Sunday that he now supports same-sex marriage, Rob Bell warned American evangelicals to “adapt or die.” His counsel, intended to be helpful, is actually a guaranteed formula for failure and a proven recipe for disaster. In fact, the only way for us to make a lasting impact on the culture and maintain a relevant witness to society is to do the opposite of what Bell advised.

Over the last few years Bell, a bestselling author and former megachurch pastor, has steadily distanced himself from the mainstream evangelical community. Known for …

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Heretical Pastor Rob Bell Embraces Same-Sex “Marriage”

Society thinks teens are especially vulnerable to peer pressure, peer approval, and the need to conform.  We smile at them paternalistically and pat ourselves on the back that we adults are courageous non-conformists, able to leap tall cultural hurdles in a single bound because of our well-formed spines and convictions. 

But it is my observation that far too few adults have managed to shrug off that desperate adolescent need to fit in, which is why so few adults lead with courage and conviction on the issue of marriage. 

Middle-aged hipster pastor Rob Bell is the most recent faith leader to …

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