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Things Teen Vogue’s Perverse Writer Forgot to Tell Teens

A recent article in Teen Vogue magazine titled “Anal Sex; What You Need to Know” has justifiably generated outrage among decent people and generated outrage at the outrage among indecent people. Sex writer, sex educator, blogger, podcaster, and pervert 26-year-old Gigi Engle offered a detailed explanation for teens on how to engage in sodomy in a decidedly pro-sodomy essay.
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Duck Dynasty and Truth Win

Duck Dynasty’s raggedy, curmudgeonly Phil Robertson has displayed a moral courage and boldness that should shame many (perhaps most) religious leaders in this country. And in so doing, he has won a huge victory for truth, religious liberty, and diversity. A&E has rescinded their arrogant, ignorant, and narrow-minded suspension of the family patriarch, Phil Robertson.

One of the many remarkable aspects of this brouhaha is the Left’s alleged indignation about Robertson’s crude language. His use of two anatomically correct terms to describe the preference most males have for normal intercourse gave “progressives” the vapors (Isn’t it the Left that believes …

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