Sears Admits They Were Wrong; Finally Pulls Website Materials
Sears Admits They Were Wrong; Finally Pulls Website Materials

AFA told the truth, despite Sears telling customers otherwise.

When American Family Association reported Sears was selling pornographic DVDs on its website, Sears initially told AFA supporters that it was untrue.

Finally, Sears called AFA on May 6 after AFA supporters flooded the company with calls and emails. During the call, Sears again vigorously denied they were selling pornography. However, AFA clearly showed Sears the material on their very own website!

When Sears realized they could no longer deny the fact that they were misleading the public, they issued this statement to AFA:
“We sincerely apologize to any customers who were offended. Our agreements with our vendors prohibit content that is pornographic or sexually explicit in nature. We are removing these items that do not meet our guidelines. We regularly review our processes to ensure compliance by our vendors, and we encourage our customers and community to help us flag any items that they believe might violate our guidelines.”

Within the space of a half-hour, Sears removed hundreds of pornographic DVDs from its website. AFA told Sears over a nine month period, that their website was carrying adult DVDs, but they chose to ignore AFA and continued to profit from it. Because you and thousands of others chose to get involved, Sears could no longer defend selling pornography, nor could they continue to deny it! Thank you for taking action and convincing Sears to get out of the pornography business. Together, and with God’s help, we are making a difference.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association


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