Eve’s Angels at Rosemont’s “Adult Circus”
Eve’s Angels at Rosemont’s “Adult Circus”
Written By Kathy Valente   |   07.05.11

Eve’s Angels, a ministry from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has purchased a booth at the Exxxotica Expo 2011, the porn convention that is being hosted by the city of Rosemont on July 8th – 10th. Founder Anny Donewald, once herself in the “adult” business, now reaches out to other women caught in this body- and soul-destroying industry.

During these 3 days, Anny’s team is planning to hand out 700 gift bags to both men and women which include, among other items, a Bible. They have asked to be covered in prayer for the 72 hours they will be there. They are asking for people to commit to praying for a minimum of an hour or more and for those who are able, to fast.

Please pray that God would get them there safely and that set-up would go smoothly; that He would provide many encounters with people who need to hear about God’s healing, grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Pray that God would soften hearts and that they would see the love of the Father and know it’s real. Pray that He would multiply these gift bags, with 20,000 in attendance and 700 bags to hand out. Pray that God would be glorified through these women. Pray for protection for Anny and her team.

IFI Letter to Law Enforcement Officials
Last week, IFI sent a letter to: U.S. District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, Cook County District 3 State’s Attorney Supervisor Maria McCarthy (who has jurisdiction over Rosemont) and Rosemont Village AttorneyPeter Coblentz. The letter asks these law enforcement officials to uphold the federal and state obscenity and public indecency laws and investigate this event.

You can view a copy of a letter HERE.

Take More ACTIONClick HERE to send a message to these people who are sworn to uphold our laws. Tell them that hard-core porn, or obscenity, is not protected speech and is a violation of both federal and state laws.

Hardcore materials depict, in graphic details, every form of degrading, violent and perverse sexual behavior imaginable. There is no benefit whatsoever in allowing a gathering of this nature to come to our state and it will most likely be violating our laws. Tell them it needs to be investigated.

Lastly, there’s still time to send an email to Rosemont Mayor Bradley Stephens and a fax to the Rosemont trustees to voice your opposition for hosting this in the first place. Click HERE for more on this action item.

For those who already have contacted these officials, thank you!

Pornography destroys those in the “adult” business and its addictive lure has and will destroy many others, including their marriages and families.

Editor’s Note: Action links are now closed

Kathy Valente
Kathy joined the IFI team as our Director of Operations in 2008. Previously, Kathy was the state director for Concerned Women for America for 4 years. But even before that,...


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