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Please Respond to ACLU Poll
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.12.16
The American Civil Litigation Lawlessness Licentiousness Liberties Union (ACLU) wants to know if gender-dysphoric persons should be able to change the “gender marker on their birth certificates without proof of transition-related surgery.” Take ACTION:  Please tell them by taking this...
Jenner, Dolezal, and Teenager Caden Boone
By Laurie Higgins   |   06.18.15
Through their foolishness, selfishness, and arrogance, “progressives” are responsible for the harm being done to children, teens, the family, the church, the First Amendment, and what’s left of American culture. Through our ignorance, selfishness, cowardice, and passivity (if not apathy),...
Trans-Gendered, Trans-Raced, Trans-Abled, Trans-Aged, Trans-Specied Solipsists
By Laurie Higgins   |   06.12.15
Once more for the hard of hearing or weak of understanding: The athlete formerly known as Bruce is not now nor ever can be a woman. Further, it is the apex of cruelty and ignorance to pretend along with him...
“Transgender” Tyranny
By Laurie Higgins   |   12.11.14
In a recent essay for The Spectator, Brendan O’Neill argues that the political movement to legally recognize non-marital homoerotic relationships as marriages undermines freedom and liberty: [E]verywhere gay marriage has been introduced it has battered freedom, not boosted it. Debate...
Hillary Clinton’s Preposterous Statements On Hobby Lobby Decision
By Laurie Higgins   |   07.03.14
On Monday at the Aspen Institute’s “Aspen Ideas Festival,” Hillary Clinton offered some ideas that could have floated right out of the pot-clouded mind of a Colorado stoner. She discussed the recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision which held that the...
Obama’s (and Alinsky’s) Game Plan: “I Know You Are, But What Am I”?
By   |   06.20.14
It was an honest mistake. We’ve all been there. You call the IT department and get nothing but the run-around, right? All you want to do is get back into your Outlook, but no dice. This is the situation in...
Jim Wallis, You Have Betrayed the Word of God and the People of God
By Dr. Michael L. Brown   |   04.18.13
Rev. Wallis, you told us in 2008 that “the sacrament of marriage” should not be changed and that “marriage is all through the Bible, and it’s not gender-neutral.” Now, in 2013, you want to redefine marriage and make it gender-neutral....
Are Opposite-Sex Partners Using Civil Unions to Scam the Pension System?
By Fran Eaton   |   02.16.12
Civil unions aren’t just for same sex couples, a Decatur Herald-Review story fittingly points out on Valentine’s Day, there are a growing number of opposite sex Illinois couples opting for civil unions over marriage. And it’s not so much about...
IFI 2011 Banquet with Michael Medved
by Nancy Thorner The Illinois Family Institute held its 2011 Fall Banquet at The Stonegate Conference Banquet Centre in Hoffman Estates on October 11, and featured nationally-syndicated talk show host Michael Medved. David E. Smith is the Executive Director of...
Higgins Responds to Tribune’s “Transgender” Stories — You Can Too
By Laurie Higgins   |   12.19.11
Today, Monday, December 19, 2011, the Chicago Tribune included not one, but three articles (click HERE,HERE, and HERE) on “transgenderism” by Rex Huppke, their designated proselyte for “progressive” views of homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder (GID). (In the Diagnostic and...
Adoption Privacy
By David E. Smith   |   04.14.10
There is a bill pending before the Illinois State Senate that would allow adult adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates that include the names and identifying information of the birth parents without the consent of the birth parents. For...
ACLU & Sexual Amputees Sue Illinois
By Laurie Higgins   |   01.29.09
In the Jan. 28, 2009 edition of the Chicago Tribune, there is a story about two sexual amputees who are suing the state over its refusal to change the “gender” designation on their birth certificates from “male” to “female.” Several...
Louisiana Forced to Recognize Same-Sex Adoption
By Charlie Butts and Marty Cooper –OneNewsNow Two California homosexuals have won a federal lawsuit, allowing both their names to be on their adopted son’s Louisiana birth certificate. According to, the state of Louisiana initially refused the request because...
Don’t Confuse Virtual Schooling With Homeschooling
Many people have homeschooling mixed up with virtual schooling. These parents are “teaching” their children via virtual school, yet commenting that they hate homeschooling! They think the two are one and the same. Unfortunately, because so many children are not performing well with virtual school, this misunderstanding between the two educational options is ripe for tarnishing the reputation of homeschooling.
Three Steps to Start Homeschooling Now
In the age of COVID-19, many people are finding themselves in an unfamiliar educational camp with their children. Homeschooling is a subject that every parent with school-aged children is now talking about. But with so much information on homeschooling available online, many parents are overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started. The question I am asked most often is "Where do I begin"?
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