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Where’s the Payoff in Gambling?
For those who promote legalized gambling as a means of economic development or revitalization, or as a painless way to pay for public schools, the recent news from Atlantic City, NJ, is sobering.
The Push to Expand Gambling Continues
The horse racing industry wants slots at racetracks. However, in states like Maryland that have slot machines at racetrack casinos, crowds overshadow the small number of racing fans...
Gambling, Drugs, and Odd Political Bedfellows
By John Stonestreet   |   08.06.14
What do legalized gambling and legalized pot have in common? They fill government coffers and fuel social pathologies -- all in the name of personal freedom. I’ll explain...
By David E. Smith   |   04.14.14
Bloomberg’s Brian Miller reports on the U.S. gambling industry on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg) Lawmakers who continue to advocate to expand gambling fail to understand that it is an unstable source of revenue. Revenue is down at casinos...
Gambling Action Alert
By Anita Bedell   |   03.24.14
Rep. Robert Rita (D-Blue Island) introduced two amendments this week to SB 1739 that would expand gambling in Illinois.
Springfield Adds Even More Gambling
By Anita Bedell   |   02.11.14
The Illinois House and Illinois Senate were in session just one day in January, yet they managed to pass a gambling expansion bill.   The Senate amended an unemployment bill (SB 11) and transformed it into a gambling expansion bill on...
Gambling Action Alert
Racetrack owners and horsemen may have reached a deal on Advance Deposit Wagering (Internet betting on horse racing). This form of wagering will expire on January 31, 2014, without legislative action.
IFI Submits Testimony Opposing 24-Hour Gambling
By David E. Smith   |   09.20.13
On Thursday morning, IFI Board Member and long-time pro-family leader Karen Hayes testified before the Illinois Gaming Board in opposition to a proposal that would allow 24-hour, non-stop gambling 7 days a week at casinos in Illinois.  This is a...
Keep Calling the Governor to VETO Gambling Bills
By Anita Bedell   |   07.22.13
The Governor has not taken action on the following gambling expansion bills.  Keep calling the Governor’s office at (800) 642-3112 and ask that he VETO these bills:   House Bill 996 is an expansion of charitable gambling that also allows video...
Gambling Action Alert
By Anita Bedell   |   05.28.13
Backroom deals are being cut on a massive gambling expansion bill (SB 1739). This 500+ page bill adds 5 new casinos, authorizes video slot machines at existing racetracks (creating 6 new racinos) and would make Illinois one of the first...
Take Action on these Gambling Bills!
By Anita Bedell   |   05.09.13
Take Action:  The following bills passed in the Illinois House and will be voted on in the Illinois Senate.  Please call your State Senator (Click here to view a list of State Senators) or call (217) 782-2000 and ask him/her
Illinois Senate Approves Massive Gambling Expansion
By David E. Smith   |   05.02.13
SB 1739 — a bill to expand gambling with five new casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Park City and a location in the south suburbs as well as video slot machines at racetracks and in Chicago airports — now moves to the Illinois House for consideration.
Gambling Addiction Affects More Men & Women, Seduced By Growing Casino Accessibility
The number of casinos across the country is growing, not to mention online gambling, but programs to combat gambling addiction have not kept pace. About 2 million adults meet the criteria for 'pathological gambling,' according to estimates.
State Lawmakers Pushing for More Gambling
By David E. Smith   |   03.12.13
Springfield lawmakers are again pushing a number of bills that would expand predatory gambling in the state.  Illinois already has 10 casinos, 6 horse race tracks, video slot machines and Lottery terminals in our local neighborhoods.   A number of political...
Video Gambling/Lottery Expansion Bills to be Heard in Committees
By Anita Bedell   |   03.06.13
House Executive Committee bills - HB 1536 and HB 2311 both expand video gambling by legalizing the machines at Social Clubs. This would allow thousands of additional establishments to have 5 video gambling machines each. One of the arguments gambling interests gave for legalizing video gambling was...
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