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Unmasking The Human Rights Campaign: The Enemy Masquerading as an Angel of Light
By Tamara Cochran Louris   |   04.11.17
And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
~2 Corinthians 11:14~ The United States was founded by people of faith, people who espoused a biblical worldview. That worldview, bolstered by a conscience that yearns for justice,...
Marriage and Equal Protection
For the Court to strike down laws defining marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife would be to abolish the idea that men and women matter—equally—in the lives of the children they create.
A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights
Written by Dawn Stefanowicz I am one of six adult children of gay parents who recently filed amicus briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the Court to respect the authority of citizens to keep the original definition of marriage:...
Colorado Personhood Amendment to Face Planned Parenthood Supreme Court Challenge
By   |   01.18.12
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Protect Families Protect Choices filed an appeal on Monday, challenging a ruling from the Colorado Secretary of State Title Board in favor of Personhood Colorado (case: 12SA10). The 2-1 decision from the board...
Texas School Teacher Violates Student’s Rights
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.23.11
A freshman boy in Ft. Worth, Texas, Dakota Ary, was recently given an in-school suspension and two days out-of-school suspension because he told a classmate that because he’s a Christian, he believes homosexuality is wrong. The German teacher in whose...
Hate Crime Laws — Unequal Protection Under the Law
By David E. Smith   |   03.09.10
Stories about disturbing crimes in urban areas are nothing new. Almost every day we read or hear reports of murder, assaults, carjacking and robberies. These stories are evidence of a corrupt culture and symptoms of a world far removed from...
ERA Is Back From The Dead, Again!
The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is back in Congress -- back from the dead that is. This proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution has nothing to do with helping women and everything to do with 1.) the unencumbered “right” to kill babies while in utero—including baby girls; and 2.) the transgender agenda: more specifically, those who pretend they are members of the opposite sex and want the entire country to play along.
Strict Scrutiny and the ERA – A Bad Combination for Women
On the surface, the Equal Rights Amendment seems quite innocent. The main text states, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged or denied by the United States or any state on account of sex.”
The ERA Harms Our Unborn Children
The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA – Bill #SJRCA 4) is a poorly worded proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would restrict all laws and practices that make any distinctions based on gender or sex.    While we believe in equal opportunity for men and women, we also recognize that there are situations where we must make distinctions based on our biological differences such as providing privacy through separate bathrooms and locker rooms.  If the ERA becomes fully ratified, men and women could not be treated differently, even if the different treatment is due to physical differences.
Give ‘Em an Inch and They’ll Take a Mile
By Kathy Valente   |   04.30.20
You know the saying that is often meant for children, “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile.” Well, it also applies to liberal ‘big government’ activists and power-hungry lawmakers.
Illinois Pro-Life Coalition Issues Joint Statement in Opposition to the ERA
By John Biver   |   05.12.18
If you pay just a little attention to the political fray that engulfs the country, you quickly realize that Leftists have trouble with the truth. They never disclose their real intentions when it comes to public policy. A “modest” tax...
A Prayer for Illinois
By Kathy Valente   |   05.04.18
With about 4 weeks left of the Illinois General Assembly’s session and several bad bills that still could be voted on, it is very fitting to appeal to “Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,” (Eph. 3:20) and Him through Whom “all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26)
IFI Update: ERA Passes Illinois Senate
By Laurie Higgins   |   04.11.18
In a stunning display of ignorance, the Illinois State Senate just voted 43-12 in favor of the resolution to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment. What makes this vote even more enraging is that Republicans Pam Althoff (R-Crystal Lake), Jason Barickman...
Lawmakers Are Being Misled by ERA Proponents
By Kathy Valente   |   02.23.18
Thirty-nine years past the deadline to ratify, voted down thirteen times by former Illinois lawmakers, and with five states having rescinded their passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), but the ERA will not die because proponents will not give...
ISU’s Fake News Station WGLT Calls IFI Hate Group
By Laurie Higgins   |   11.06.17
Look no further than Illinois State University (ISU) for evidence of the degradation of public education. In addition to hosting an annual drag queen fundraiser in the Bone Student Center, Illinois State University owns a fake news organization: WGLT. The...
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