With YOUR Help, It Could Happen!
With YOUR Help, It Could Happen!
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We have been blessed with an opportunity like never before.

For twenty-five years, IFI has stood side-by-side with you on the front lines of the culture war. Together, we have boldly proclaimed God’s design for Family, Faith and Freedom. We have worked to strengthen God’s principles in churches, civic groups, communities throughout the state, at the Capitol, and in the culture in general.

Regardless of the condition of our state and nation, judicial activism in the courts, bias in the media, apostate preachers in the pulpit, Left-wing ideology in government schools, or frustrating election cycles, we will never give up.

Understanding and upholding the sanctity of human life, the Biblical definition of marriage and family, robust religious liberty, and freedom of conscience is vital to our form of government.  If we hope to see America as a beacon of hope and a blessing to the world, Christians must intentionally engage our culture to defend these precious values.  They are not just worth defending, but it is imperative that we champion them!

You and I know now is not the time to give up or give in. The journey before us will require tenacity, resilience, vision, and perseverance to rebuild the culture and restore our Republic.

Can you imagine where we would be in Illinois if we weren’t leading the pro-family resistance in Springfield?  Can you imagine silence in the face of Leftist ideology and intolerance?  Can you imagine a state without the work of IFI to alert, equip, and encourage Christians?

2018 will be pivotal, so we need you more than ever.
And this month we have been blessed with a special opportunity!

This month, your gift of will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $80,000. Your $25 becomes $50, $100 is $200, and $250 becomes $500. Thanks to some generous friends who believe in our mission, this is our largest matching gift ever!

Cultural revival won’t happen overnight, but we are committed to occupying until He returns. By God’s grace and through your consistent prayers and financial support, we can and will continue to be salt and light in our state.  We can lead the way in all that God has commanded us in His Word.

Please give today!

As we partner together, God is moving in Illinois. That which is TRUE and GOOD is worth fighting for — all across the Prairie State.

I sincerely hope you agree.

Thank you so very much,

David E. Smith
Executive Director

P.S. We have a HUGE task and a wonderful OPPORTUNITY in front of us. IFI cannot succeed in our mission to “boldly bring biblical perspectives to public policy” in Illinois without your help.  Together, we are salt and light! 

Please click HERE to send your most generous year-end donation by December 31st. Remember, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $80,000! Thank you for your support of Faith, Family and Freedom.

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