Voter Guides are Ready! Order in Bulk!
Voter Guides are Ready! Order in Bulk!

Early Voting starts on September 27th and the printed IFI Voter Guides are here!  Early voting has been proven to win elections for pro-family candidates! And every vote is valuable! Please encourage your friends and family to vote!

If you haven’t yet placed a bulk order for Voter Guides, please give us a call at the IFI office today at (708) 781-9328 or click HERE to email us your order.

These non-partisan Voter Guides comply with IRS guidelines and are legal for churches to distribute. Or you may simply want them to pass along to neighbors, co-workers and family.

Check our online version as it is being updated regularly.

It’s critical that voters be informed when they cast their ballots in the November 6th General Election.  Not only is there a choice of candidates running for governor, but there are many House and Senate seats that are being vacated by incumbents. Add to that the fact that all 18 seats of the U.S. House of Representative are up for election too. This is an important election!

Voter Guides will go fast. So don’t delay. Call us at (708) 781-9328 or email us today.

Do you and your friends know where the state-wide and federal candidates stand on abortion, conscience rights, tax funding for Planned Parenthood, expanded gambling, income taxes, “recreational” marijuana and religious liberty? These Voter Guides will be the only source of information for many to make an informed decision.

But thousands of other Illinois citizens don’t know about the IFI Voter Guide. You can help provide them with this critical information, in the cause of good government, to make informed choices about all the state and federal candidates on the ballot.

We want Illinois citizens to have access to the IFI Voter Guide and we need your help in getting it into the hands of as many voters as we can, so order a dozen or more and give them to your friends, family and co-workers. A small donation to cover the cost of printing and mailing would be very appreciated. A $25 donation will cover the cost of printing and mailing 100 voter guides.

Americans have been given incredible blessings and freedoms; and as a result, we have a responsibility to participate in elections. Thank God we have an opportunity to cast our ballot for men and women whose values represent our own.

With your participation, together we will make a great impact in the state of Illinois and our republic, one vote at a time.

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