A Day of Fasting and Prayer for Illinois – 9/11/13
A Day of Fasting and Prayer for Illinois – 9/11/13

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By Pastor Pat McManus

To those who are focused and determined to see the State of Illinois stand for marriage between one man and one woman, I believe we can do this together as one body.

I have been praying and wanting to see what the next step is for the Church (the Body of Christ) in Illinois and what we could do together. I know that the Lord is concerned about this, most likely more than we are.

I feel it is time to call the Church in Illinois to a solemn assembly and pray as one on a day that the whole state is standing together as one in Him.

In the Word of God the nation of Israel called for a fast and to pray for direction and protection. They fasted and prayed when there were armies coming against them and when they needed to know what God wanted them to do. David fasted and prayed for direction. Nehemiah fasted and prayed. Esther fasted and prayed. We know the Word and I think it is time that we do the Word.

I believe that the Lord is calling the Church in Illinois to come together in different locations throughout the state of Illinois to fast and pray and seek the Lord on behalf of our government. They (the government) need to know that SB 10 is not in the best interest of our state, families or children, and the only one that can communicate that the best is the Father.

As the Body of Christ in this great state we can stand as one and bombard Heaven to turn this state around and convict these leaders to do what is right. I am not dismissing what we have already done and the great work that many have already accomplished but the fight is far from over. We need God’s help and intervention and what better way to get that help as the Church in Illinois stands together and prays and fasts as one on the same day.

Can you envision the delight it would bring to our Father when His people from the north, south , east, and west fast and pray on the same day, seeking God on behalf of the State? What an awesome picture.

Let me also present a few things that might be of benefit. Could it be that we might need to repent for not being proactive in the public square? To repent for our lack of commitment to the values of Godly government? To repent for not challenging those in government positions? For letting them do evil things that have put us in the place we are at today?  Could it be that if we repent God will hear?

We all know His promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14-20, but keep reading. It talks of restoration, blessings and protection. However, if we don’t repent, God warns of destruction. And we don’t want that.

I believe that if we are going to see the Hand of God move in the State we need to move the Church to pray. God’s Word has always been there to give us guidance and to teach us His Will. He promises that if we ask anything according to His Will, He hears us and will give us that which we ask of Him. It’s an incredible promise from the One through Whom “all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) We need to pray and act on God’s Word.

So I propose that we set aside Sept. 11, 2013 to fast and pray by “calling a solemn assembly” for the State of Illinois and press into God and pray that we will see those in government change, and have visitation from the Father of Heaven. It’s His Will that we return to Him with our all our hearts, minds and strength and not have this bill considered.  Will you join us?!

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