Video Gambling Bills HB 4927 & SB 744 Sent to Governor Quinn
Video Gambling Bills HB 4927 & SB 744 Sent to Governor Quinn

Senate Bill 744 was sent to the Governor on June 25. Governor Patrick Quinn (D) has 60 days to sign SB 744 and HB 4927, which was sent to the governor on on June 17. These bills legalize non-stop video gambling at truck stops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Penny bets that prey on the poor and vulnerable to keep them gambling. HB 4927 also contains provisions to allow those who have been operating illegal gambling machines to qualify for a license as long as they have not been convicted of gambling, which is rare in Illinois.

Although a governor’s spokeswoman says it’s still under study, Crain’s Chicago Business reported HB 4927 is expected to be signed. The question is whether it will actually prolong board investigations instead of streamlining them. “Are we going to say, ‘It’s wonderful you’ve been operating an illegal activity for years?'” {Illinois Gaming Board Chairman} Jaffe says, “If we’re limited in that way, you’ll have a licensing scandal in three to five years.”

If you have already made calls to the Governor, please ask others to do so. We must “turn up the heat” as the election nears. Illinois has just overtaken California as the worst credit risk among American states. Expanding gambling will cause more harm and debt to Illinois residents. (Read more HERE.)

Take ACTION: Our last effort to stop these bills is to appeal to Governor Quinn who promised not to expand gambling when he originally ran for Lieutenant Governor. Click HERE to send Gov. Quinn an email or a fax to ask him to veto these bills.

More Action:

1. Call the governor’s office and ask him to VETO HB 4927 and SB 744. Toll free:             800-642-3112      , Springfield:            217-782-0244      , or Chicago:             312-814-2121      .

2. Share this Alert with your faith community.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor asking the Governor to VETO the video gambling expansion bills. (For more information click HERE.)

4. Forward this email to 10 others.

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