Update: Gambling Expansion and the Veto Session
Update: Gambling Expansion and the Veto Session
Written By Anita Bedell   |   11.20.12

Gambling interests and Legislative sponsors have been pressuring the governor to “flip flop” and cut a “backroom deal” on gambling during the upcoming legislative Veto Session. Rep. Lou Lang, House sponsor of the massive gambling expansion bill SB 1849, is hoping for an agreement with the governor.  If not, he might attempt an override of the veto when legislators are in session on November 27-29 and December 4-6. .  

Capitol Fax reported that Governor Quinn has subtly shifted toward supporting gambling expansion since the election.  His top people insist he is on board and wants to work out a deal in the January lame duck session.

The Mayor of Chicago has made passage of a gambling bill with a city-owned casino for Chicago one of his top priorities.  House Speaker Michael Madigan is now saying he no longer has a conflict of interest on gambling and will inject himself into gambling expansion negotiations for the first time in years, according to Capitol Fax.  The Speaker has assigned his former chief legal counsel the task of meeting with “interested parties” to find common ground and write a new bill. 

Gambling interests promise more than they deliver.  Governor Quinn and Legislators have critical issues to deal with during the Veto session, and they have been distracted long enough with gambling expansion that will increase harm.

For Immediate Action

1.      Call your current State Representative  and Senator or call the capitol switchboard   (217-782-2000) to ask them to support the Veto of SB 1849.

2.      Contact Governor Quinn to tell him you support his Veto of SB 1849.  Ask the Governor not to “cut a deal” on gambling.  Phone:  800-640-3112, 314-814-2121, or 217-782-6830

E-mail:  http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/Pages/ContactUs.aspx

3.      PRAY and ask your faith community to PRAY for the Governor and Legislators.

4.      FORWARD to 10 others. 

The Illinois Gaming Board issued their first monthly report for revenue from video gambling machines. Click here to view the full report.

Anita Bedell
Anita Bedell is the executive director of the Springfield based Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems, which is also known as ILCAAAP.  The Mission of ILCAAAP is...


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