Gambling Action Alert
Gambling Action Alert
Written By Anita Bedell   |   05.28.13

Backroom deals are being cut on a massive gambling expansion bill (SB 1739). This 500+ page bill adds 5 new casinos, authorizes video slot machines at existing racetracks (creating 6 new racinos) and would make Illinois one of the first states to legalize gambling from home on the Internet.  Illinois already has 10 casinos, 6 horse race tracks, video slot machines and Lottery terminals in our local neighborhoods.

Take ACTION:  Click HERE to send your lawmakers an email or a fax to tell them “NO MORE GAMBLING.”  This is your chance to speak up before it’s too late and before it’s rammed through the legislature in back room deals!  

Other Gambling News:  

As part of their “negotiations”, SB 1884 was amended to grant sanctions for companies that conducted illegal Internet wagering on horse racing after the Advance Deposit Wagering pilot program ended on December 31, 2012.

Xpressbet and TwinSpires, two of the four companies licensed to conduct Advanced Deposit Wagering, continued to place bets on horses in January, and the Racing Board reported their actions to the Attorney General’s office.   SB 1884, Amendment 1 allows these companies that conducted illegal gambling to keep their licenses and distribute winnings, with no legal action taken, provided they pay taxes.  Gambling companies should follow the law, not flaunt the law and change it to correct past illegal activity.  Click HERE to read the full article in the Springfield State Journal-Register 

A group of Chicago area pastors, opposed to the massive gambling expansion bill, sent a letter to Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  The letter calls gambling an “unstable source of revenue” and questions oversight of a Chicago casino.   Click HERE to read the full article in the Springfield State Journal-Register 

Area chambers of commerce located in or near towns that have casinos have joined forces to fight gambling expansion.  Chamber leaders from Aurora, Elgin, Des Plaines, Joliet and Naperville issued a joint letter opposing SB 1739.  Click HERE to read the full article in the Naperville Sun

Determining how much casinos should pay in taxes is the “logjam” that’s stalling the gambling bill in the House, according to various press reports.   Click HERE to read the full article in the Springfield State Journal-Register   SB 1739 lowers the tax rate, with separate taxes for table games and slot machines.  The higher the revenue generated, the lower the taxes.  Currently all gambling revenue at casinos is taxed at the same rate, with higher taxes for higher revenue generated. 

Take a moment to read Professor John Kindt’s op-ed on the impact of giveaways to Big Gambling. Click HERE to read Professor Kindt’s op-ed in the Illinois Times

Anita Bedell
Anita Bedell is the executive director of the Springfield based Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems, which is also known as ILCAAAP.  The Mission of ILCAAAP is...


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