Onward Christian Voters
Onward Christian Voters
Written By Monte Larrick   |   09.09.16

You may not like some of the candidates on the ballot, but it’s very important for Christians to do their civic duty and vote. Registering and voting has never been easier. The Illinois Family Institute can help speed you through the process and will soon be providing insights on where the candidates stand on key issues.

Bachmann_date_tumbnailIFI Faith, Family & Freedom Banquet

We are excited to have as our keynote speaker this year, former Congresswoman and Tea Party Caucus Leader, Michele Bachmann!  She distinguished herself by not only forming and chairing the Tea Party Caucus in 2010 in the U.S. House but also through her courageous and outspoken pro-life leadership as attested to by her rating of zero from NARAL.

Please register today before the early bird special expires.


Monte Larrick
Larrick, an award winning broadcast journalist, retired from Moody Broadcasting in Chicago after more than 30 years of service. In 2014, he joined the IFI team to use his news gathering experience to help inform IFI supporters about issues that impact their lives. Mr. Larrick and his wife have been married 33 years and have two daughters. ...


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