Bradley University to Provide Free Condoms to Students Using Student Health Fees
Bradley University to Provide Free Condoms to Students Using Student Health Fees
Written By Laurie Higgins   |   12.06.11

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It’s refreshing to see college students take politically incorrect and counter-cultural positions on sexual matters because to do so risks both hostility and ridicule. Recently a group of courageous and principled Bradley University students risked both to oppose the resolution that was passed by the administration, which will compel all Bradley students to pay for condoms for those Bradley students who, lacking a moral compass, choose to engage in anal or vaginal intercourse and are too irresponsible and/or cheap to purchase their own.

One interesting aspect of the issue is that while the administration has committed to facilitating promiscuous sex, administrators make clear that the school “will not be held liable for the quality or effectiveness of the condoms provided.” Well, isn’t that special: Help students have non-marital sex by paying for and distributing condoms that often fail to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and then take no responsibility for the inevitable consequences.

Student Body President Tricia Anklan recently expressed her deep disappointment that as a dorm resident advisor (RA), she is “not able to provide condoms for our residents.” Not to worry, however, because Anklan, along with student body officers Devon SchulzKyle Mathers, and Jeff Baumgartner, had a plan to use students’ compulsory health fees to buy condoms and give them out for free in all the dorms as well as the recreation center’s offices and information offices.

They defend this resolution using a feckless analogy (flawed analogies seem to be the stock-in-trade of sexual libertines). They laughably compare Bradley’s provision of flu shots and hand sanitizer to the provision of free condoms.

Those Bradley University students who do not want their, or their parents’ money, used to subsize the sexcapades of fellow students wrote the following letter to the Student Senate and prominent locals:

We are Bradley University students who are writing you today in order to make you aware of a resolution that has been made policy here at our university. The Bradley Student Senate passed a Sexual Health Resolution that would allocate funds from tuition that is reserved for the Student Health fee to cover condoms. Starting Spring 2012, condoms will be free and widely available across campus, and every student will have to provide funding for these condoms. This resolution was passed by the administration. However, we object to the Sexual Health Resolution.

First, the content of the Sexual Health Resolution is not reflective of the views of a majority of Bradley University students. It also directly affects the image of Bradley University.

The resolution itself was passed quickly and quietly with little publicity. In the resolution, it was stated that just like hand sanitizer and flu shots, the Sexual Health Resolution ensures that students are safe from illness:

Just as Bradley University takes preventative action in preventing illness by subsidizing flu shots, providing hand sanitizer, and offering programs like Get Fit, Stay Fit, the Student Senate hopes the university will be just as action oriented in promoting sexual health.

It is within Bradley University’s duty to provide preventatives to disease such as flu shots and hand sanitizer because students get sick and spread diseases in the classrooms and in the cafeterias and other public places. Also, professors and visitors, as well as staff, can become ill from the germs that are spread in this manner. However, sexual actions are in full consent and do not occur within the natural context of the learning environment…. It is also not the university’s responsibility to provide contraceptives…

[W]hen condoms fail, the result is more catastrophic than failed hand sanitizer. Yet, the resolution clearly states:

Bradley University will continue to not be held liable for the quality or effectiveness of the condoms provided.

This service will not promote sexual health as much as charge all students for the contraceptives of a minority of Bradley students. According to the resolution, of students polled, only 23.9 percent reported they always used a condom during sexual intercourse in the past 30 days. We ask …, why should the other 76 percent pay for their condoms?… If students do not have the motivation to purchase their own condoms, can they deal with the possibility of the consequences of sex…?

Also, we ask why Bradley University would put its image at risk for the demand of a few students? The resolution implies it is Bradley University’s responsibility to take tuition money, purchase condoms, and have them sitting out for students to utilize.

Our second objection is that this resolution forces every student to pay for contraception: this is against our religion, and it’s against our conscience. In fact, the resolution, in its last clause, states: “Whereas, Bradley University is not a religiously affiliated institution.” This implies a religious controversy with the purpose of the resolution. Therefore, we hold this resolution is blatantly and in fact unashamedly discriminating against religious students.

Free condoms would be available in the health center, in the gymnasium, and in the residencies. This unabashed promotion of premarital sex is against all major Christian denominations. Also, Bradley University’s student body is an estimated 30 percent Roman Catholic; this resolution would force Catholic students to pay for contraceptives, which is a mortal sin (the highest level of sin), and, therefore, is a direct violation of their First Amendment Rights.

Finally, we ask that you please support our efforts to appeal this policy by voicing your opinion to the administration at Bradley University or anyone else who would share our concern. Please do not hesitate if you would like to contact any of the student leaders listed below. If we are united in our efforts to overcome this detrimental and discriminatory policy, we may have a positive impact on Bradley’s campus.

Thank you,

Bradley Students

Watch this You Tube video of a coalition of students, alumni, and community members being interviewed about this debate:

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